Hello, I’m Anja and Welcome to my creative life!

I'm a sculptor, artist, and teacher residing in Sunderland, Ontario, just outside the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada.

 My journey into fabric sculpting began in 2011, initially using t-shirt materials. Over time, I discovered the allure of working with vintage doilies, old laces, and other natural materials. This combination of textures adds depth and character to my sculptures, making each piece truly unique.

Growing up in a creative family and with a deep love for music and dance, I honed my skills in various hands-on crafts, primarily utilizing the sewing machine. While I never pursued formal art education, I have attended fashion courses and have learned invaluable techniques along the way. Although I may not have graced the stage as a musical star, I find immense joy in entertaining and engaging with my students as they
create their own masterpieces.

My passion lies in creating unique sculptures for homes and gardens, which I also incorporate into my art classes. It brings me great joy to see my students explore their creativity while working with these beautiful pieces.

Turning a vision into a reality

In the spring of 2018, I had the wonderful opportunity to expand my business by renovating a rustic barn on my property. This charming space now serves as my warm and inviting workshop, capable of accommodating larger groups and providing me with ample room
to create custom pieces.

When you step into my art studio, you'll be greeted not only by my artistic creations but also by the
friendly presence of my two eloved dogs, Wilson and Sky. They are my constant companions and enthusiastic greeters, always bringing a sense of joy and warmth to the studio, especially when it's filled with students. 

Inspiration for my sculptures often stems from the beauty of the natural world that surrounds me.
Our property is teeming with life, acting as a haven for various birds, small critters, and even the occasional snapping turtle laying her eggs. The tranquil sounds of the Sandhill Cranes nesting in the nearby Beaver River provide a soothing backdrop to my creative process.

Fabric sculpting has captivated the hearts of many, and the demand for my workshops continues to soar. People crave the experience of working with their hands and expressing their inner creativity. Whether you're new to fabric sculpting or a returning enthusiast, I invite you to join me on this artistic journey, where together, we can create something truly extraordinary.