Thank You Uxbridge!

We are thrilled to be voted 'Best Local Artist' in the Uxbridge Times-Journal Readers' Choice Awards 2021. Your continued support means the world to us.

~Anja Kooistra

“It is not just about the end product, its about how I get there” – Anja Kooistra

I’ve always felt that art is more than creative beauty – it’s an inner therapy that allows me to release my stresses and worries in my life. We all have them but when I’m working in my studio, I appreciate the creative process so much more. It’s not just about the end product, it’s about how I get there. Getting my hands dirty, looking at a piece of material, picking out a model, gazing through the windows to the rolling hillsides around the studio. This is why I love art and I love what I do.

Now I’m finding the more workshops I do, the more I see people finding the same paths. The vibes from the studio, the greetings of my happy dogs, the music, laughter, dancing, food and friendships deepened during the workshop sessions just enhance the art therapy. I’ve found (personally and in talking with my artists) that it’s more important to give yourself the freedom to express what’s inside you. That’s truly what art is about.


A great place for beginners or still just as fun for those who have enjoyed Anja's workshops a number of times! I was lucky enough to be introduced to this workshop from my boyfriend's mom a few years back and her and I have made it a yearly thing to go and spend the day creating these amazing pieces of art! Such a fun day, and so rewarding once your piece is finished.

Stephanie Reynolds

I recently moved into the area and heard of Rolling hills studio. I needed to host a work function and thought it would be fun to do a beginners class there. Anja hosted 15 of us. Believe me, we were all beginners, but a few hours later after having an incredible time, we were all walking out with beautiful masterpieces! Anja is a fun, engaging, and patient teacher and our day was one of the best!

Christine Kelly

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