Discover a powerful creative tool in Powertex, a liquid that can be brushed onto your works of art, or you may dip them directly into this medium. Either way, Powertex will stay flexible for a few hours as it’s drying, depending on room temperature. Before it completely dries, you can fold it, drape it, pleat it and shape it to bring your artwork to life. Once curing has occurred, you can depend on this finish being solid and durable

easy-3d-flexEasy 3D Flex comes as a powder that can be mixed with Powertex, acrylic paint or an acrylic binder for interesting effects. This inorganic filler/binder is useful in creating fascinating textures, adding 3D effects to paintings or even in making clay that can be modeled to satisfy your artistic vision. Simply use a spatula or palette knife to mix East 3D Flex with the other medium until you achieve the appropriate consistency. Easy 3D flex will dry rock hard in the air – and the magic of it is that during the process, it will develop cracks that add an intriguing depth of texture.

A type of Papier Mâché, Stone Art can be mixed with Powertex to make a self-hardening clay, or applied directly onto your artwork to create stone effects and other textures.