African Workshop

African Workshop

African Workshop

In this fun workshop, we use bold colours and fabrics that call to mind African tribes such as the Maasai. 

2-foot colourful sculpture

  • We use stone art to sculpt the body
  • Mounted on a cobble stone
  • $160 including lunch

African Torso

  • 13” tall
  • Fabric/Stone Art
  • Students can choose to make 2 separate torsos or 1 as a couple on a cobble stone
  • $140 including lunch

Pay $50 Deposit to take African Workshop

Ostrich Workshop

Ostrich workshop

Ostrich workshop

Large 4-foot tall figure

  • A great addition for the garden
  • Fabric/Stone Art
  • $175 including lunch

Small ostrich 2 feet tall

  • Fabric/Stone Art
  • Makes a great gift or addition to a collection
  • $150 including lunch

Pay $50 Deposit to take Ostrich Workshop

Heron Workshop

Heron workshop

Heron workshop

Who doesn't love to have a bird in their garden? Now you can make y our own permanent winged addition. This heron will look outstanding in any garden, with or without water. 

This is a full-day advanced workshop, and you need some experience with Powertex.

  • 3 feet tall
  • Time: 9:15am – 5:30pm
  • Price: $175 including lunch
  • Perfect for bird-lovers
  • Looks great by a pond
  • Fabric/Stone Art

Pay $50 Deposit to take Heron Workshop