Bison/Buffalo Workshop

Bison Workshop

Bison Workshop

A powerhouse of an animal with dramatic humped shoulders, the bison rumbles like thunder on the prairie, its large head symbolizing intelligence of a higher order, and its strong body grounding it to the earth.

This strong Scottish cow, with its double layer of long, thick, wavy orange hair, has adapted to living in harsh conditions. The two long horns on top of the bison’s head serve to dig through deep snow in order to find vegetation below it, and as defense against predators.

Create a stunning piece and learn the basics in how to use Stone Art / Easy3dflex, a heavy powder that is mixed with PowerTex to form a slow-drying sculpting material with tremendous potential for artistic expression.

  • Figurine Size: 15 inch – 38 cm
  • Workshop Time: 9 am – 4:00 pm
  • Price: $125 including lunch
  • Introduction to the use of Stone Art / Easy 3D Flex

Pay $50 Deposit to take Bison Workshop