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Powertex: the versatile, environmentally friendly, acid free, water based textile hardener.

Powertex air dries and becomes rock hard. Dip textile in Powertex, wring it out well and wrap or drape it around a frame or object to create amazing artworks and crafts.
Once dry, pieces can be decorated with paint or pigments. Once finished, Powertex creates unique pieces of artwork for inside or outside display.
For outdoor use, Powertex can be weatherproofed with two layers of Easy Varnish.

How to use Powertex hardener?
Powertex textile hardener and fabric hardener is ready to be used straight from the container. Shake the bottle well before use. Any sunken particles on the bottom of the bottled can be loosened by adding a little bit of boiling water; shake well.
On cold days, put the bottle in a warm area (like on the radiator) to increase the velocity of the fluid.

Cut old T-shirts, blankets, baby clothes or other absorbent materials into strips or pieces (100% natural fibres work best). Dip those into Powertex, wring well and drape or wrap around a frame. Tools and hands can be cleaned with warm water and soap. Protect your clothing. Once dry, Powertex can only be removed mechanically.
All Powertex colours are water resistant, except for the transparent one. Use Easy Varnish to make the Transparent Powertex waterproof and to protect the pigments you used. The wax in this water-based, non-toxic Varnish makes your artwork water- and weatherproof. Allow your work to dry for six weeks before putting it outside.
Powertex is absolutely safe for humans and animals and meets the highest European and American safety standards. Powertex has undergone extensive testing and has been awarded the AP Seal.

The 500 g pack is ideal to test the product or to make a small piece.

The 1 kg pack is ideal to test the product or to make a medium piece.

The 5 kg bottle is recommended for very big pieces, regular use or workshops

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