Easy 3D Flex 250g - 4 kg

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Easy3Dflex is an inorganic filling compound that comes as a powder. Mixed with Powertex, you can use it to make thick and coarse textures and even achieve 3D effects in paintings and sculptures. Easy3Dflex and Powertex need to be mixed with a scraper or palette knife and can be applied with a brush, scraper/palette knife or sculpted by hand.

Adding more and more of the white Easy3Dflex powder will result in a thick sculpting clay that dries to the air and gets rock hard.

Important: This medium will show cracks when applied in very thick layers, by drying in the sun or close to a heat source or by adding water or bister to the surface. These cracks will work to your advantage and give a very decorative result. However, cracks can be avoided by applying the product in thin layers with enough drying time in between, or by adding a little bit of white sand.

The thick sculpting paste can be used to press very detailed prints into the surface like rope, screws, buttons, stencils, ... This way you can get the most amazing effects. Easy3Dflex can also be used to thicken acrylic paints to achieve more textured effects in paintings. This product is natural and non-toxic but can dry out the skin. We recommend wearing gloves or using hand cream.